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Memorial Services: Outdoor Venue Ideas to Celebrate Life

In a year when our lives have been forever changed by the global pandemic, indoor services at funeral homes or places of worship have been limited or even restricted. As a result, families in the Bay Area are turning to outdoor venues to hold memorial services to celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Outdoor venues provide the necessary space for social distancing and allow more flexibility in the number of guests that can attend. In terms of location options, you can explore places that have meaning to those experiences the individual found joy in during their life, such as the beach, a lake, or out on the water.

From a group walk along a favorite beach at sunset to a lakeside service at dawn, there are many options available to incorporate this type of location into your service. Dropping flowers into the water from a boat on their favorite lake or launching lanterns from the shore are ways to invite attendees to participate in the ceremony.

Country Club or Golf Course

Loved ones who spent time enjoying a weekly round of golf with friends at their local country club could be remembered at a service overlooking their favorite hole or green.

Favorite Sports Field or Concert Arena

Whatever your loved one considered their field of dreams, whether they had a favorite ballpark or outdoor concert arena, these venues offer a variety of possibilities for a memorial service. Imagine sharing stories of your loved one’s days as a player, coach, or fan on the pitcher’s mound, or attending a jazz concert in the park by their favorite band. Personalized experiences add a memorable element as part of your celebration of life.

Park or Garden

From the serenity of a quaint backyard garden to the beauty of a vast national park, individuals who loved spending time outdoors can be remembered by holding your memorial in these environments.

At The Mountain Terrace, we’ve had the privilege of hosting several memorial celebrations over the past few months. While the events may have varied in terms of size and type, the feedback shared a common theme: the family and their guests could focus their energy and attention on the celebration of life for their loved one, knowing that they were at a safe, supportive outdoor venue.

We understand how difficult a time like this can be for all those involved and are sensitive to your needs. The Mountain Terrace offers the finest combination of natural beauty and rustic elegance. Let our team take care of the details to help create a wonderful memorial for you and your family.

If you have ideas for an outdoor memorial service in the Bay Area at a venue such as ours, we would be honored to be considered in your plans.

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