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A Guide to Choosing a Wedding Photographer Who Captures the Real You

A Guide to Choosing a Wedding Photographer Who Captures the Real You

Remember that awkward school picture day where you ended up with a forced smile and dull lighting? Yeah, you don’t want your wedding pictures to be like that. Wedding pictures are not just snapshots but they are those cherished memories that take you back to the most magical day of your life. These pictures help you relive those moments, the joy, the laughter, and the love that filled your wedding day every time you opened your album.

A recent survey found that around 63% of engaged couples feel stressed about finding the right wedding photographer. Choosing the right photographer isn’t just about finding someone with a camera. It’s about finding a visual storyteller who captures the beauty of your love story, and who catches those candid moments of your wedding that make the most perfect wedding album. So, if you are also a couple looking for the best photographer who can give a special direction to the story of your wedding then we have got you covered. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and things to consider while searching for the perfect photographer who will translate your vision into beautiful photographs.

Essential Tips for Finding Your Dream Wedding Photographer

Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographers

Your wedding photographer will be with you throughout the most special day of your life. While looking for the best photographer for your wedding you need to go beyond just analyzing the technical skills. You need to find someone who can click with your style and personality. So, let’s look into some tips that can help you land one of the best photographers for your special day.

1. Decide a budget

Budget can make or break your wedding photography game. It is one of the most important factors to consider during the wedding planning process. Set a realistic budget before you dive headfirst into the photographer’s searches. Many factors can influence a photographer’s pricing out of which experience and location are the most important ones. If you are hosting a wedding in a high-demand location then the photographer will charge premium pricing.

You can choose to go for second shooters from well-established studios as they might offer you slightly lower rates than lead photographers.

2. Know your style

Take some time to search for different photography styles. Go through some wedding blogs, Instagram accounts, and various photographer’s portfolios to have a fair idea about which one better resonates with your taste and goes better with your wedding theme. Wedding photography styles can range from a focus on natural light and light editing to dramatic, consisting of moody tones and creative lighting techniques.

These days people prefer candid photography more than posed portraits. This kind of photography is also known as photojournalistic style. Prioritize those photographers who capture candid moments and genuine emotions throughout your wedding day. These pictures will take you back to your wedding day and evoke the joy and laughter you felt on that special day.

3 .Look beyond portfolio highlights

Never judge a book by its cover, this quote will help you land a good photographer. A photographer’s portfolio will showcase their best work, but it is important to go beyond their greatest hits and focus on the bigger picture. Ask the photographer to share the full wedding galleries. This will help you judge their consistency in capturing a complete wedding from getting ready to the final dance.

If you find a photographer you love, but their portfolio lacks specific elements like your wedding venue setting, then definitely ask them if they have experience shooting at similar locations.

4. Photographer’s Experience with Varied Lighting Conditions

Lighting plays a crucial role in the overall mood and aesthetic of your wedding photographs. Look for photographers who have experience working in various lighting conditions, from bright outdoor settings to dimly lit reception halls.

Discuss the venue’s lighting conditions in advance with potential photographers. This way, they’ll be prepared to use specialized lighting equipment to enhance pictures where lighting conditions are challenging.

5. Use the engagement photo session as a trial run

You can book an engagement photo session with the same photographer you decided to move ahead with. This will give you a fair idea about the photographer’s shooting and direction style beforehand. Apart from this, you will also get comfortable working with the photographer in front of the camera leading to more relaxed and natural wedding photos.

You can also give the photographer a brief review of the engagement pictures so that the photographer gets an idea about your expectations and preferences for the wedding day.

6. Ask the overlooked questions

Know about the photographer’s style better by asking in-depth questions. Don’t just stop after knowing the pricing and package details, go beyond that. Find out whether they prefer clicking candid pictures or posed styles. Do they make use of prompts or let the moments flow naturally? Ask questions that give your idea about the photographer’s style and whether or not it matches your expectations.

Recommended Photographers

These photographers have been praised for their ability to capture genuine emotions and create beautiful, timeless wedding memories.

Practical Tips for Capturing Memorable Moments on Your Big Day

What if you couldn’t find a photographer for your wedding or your wedding photographer bailed on you at the last minute? This situation can literally give you chills, and that’s why it’s important to always have a backup. Even without a photographer, you can still capture your big day! Whether it’s asking guests to snap photos or setting up DIY photo booths, with a little planning and these handy tips, you can still capture those precious moments and create beautiful memories.

1. Be Observant and Anticipate Moments

Be Observant and Anticipate Moments - 1

Approach your wedding day with an eye to capturing special moments, just like any professional photographer would do. Don’t just focus on the main events, but also look for the smaller moments that take place naturally. You can anticipate certain scenes like the bride and groom’s first look, and the exchange of vows between them. Capture these moments from different angles.

Instead of just a photo of the bride and groom walking down the aisle, capture the groom’s tearful reaction as he sees her for the first time.

2. Use Natural Light to Enhance Atmosphere

Use Natural Light to Enhance Atmosphere

Make the best use of the sunsets and golden hours as they can do wonders for wedding photographs. The sunlight during the golden hour has a warmer color temperature that reflects a beautiful golden shade on your photos. This will add a natural warmth and romantic feel to your wedding pictures. Even if you can’t capture everything during the golden hour, utilizing natural lighting throughout the day will still give you authentic and beautiful photos.

3. Focus on details and personal touches

Focus on details and personal touches - 1

Go beyond just capturing the grand moments of the wedding day. Zoom into the smaller yet often overlooked details that add a touch of personalization and tell a richer story about your special day. You can take close-up shots of the bride’s bouquet or the handwritten wedding vows. But make sure that you don’t get too caught up in capturing every tiny detail. Choose a few that hold special meaning or represent the overall theme of your wedding.

4. Experiment with Creative Angles and Perspectives

Experiment with Creative Angles and Perspectives

Think more than just capturing pictures through the boring point-and-shoot approach to wedding photography. Try different angles and perspectives to level up your photography game. By frequently changing angles you can draw attention to specific elements and make your pictures stand out from the typical flat snapshots. Try a low angle as it can make the subject look more powerful. You can take low-angle pictures of the venue’s architecture or when the groom kneels during the proposal. The idea is to keep experimenting with different angles for more visually stunning wedding photos.

5. Utilize Available Backdrops

Utilize Available Backdrops

A well-chosen backdrop adds visual interest to your photos. It draws the viewer’s attention and adds a more dynamic composition compared to a flat, one-color background. The backdrop can help your pictures speak for themselves. For example, a picture of the bride and the groom standing in front of a beautiful floral backdrop sets the scene for a romantic garden wedding.

You can go for different kinds of interesting backdrops like going for outdoor settings, colorful art gallery walls, a vintage car, a beautifully decorated wall, or even a photo booth area. Just think out of the box and go for those backdrops that resonate with the overall style of your wedding.


Finding the right photographer for your wedding can feel like searching for a soulmate. But by following the above-mentioned tips you’ll be well on your way to capturing the magic of your big day. Don’t worry if you can’t find the ideal photographer for your wedding. With these tips and a good camera, you can still create stunning wedding photos. The idea is to feel comfortable and confident, whether you choose a photographer or take the DIY route to capture your special day!

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