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A Guide to Creating a Uniquely Elegant Wedding with Flowers

A Guide to Creating a Uniquely Elegant Wedding with Flowers

Did you know the average couple spends 15 months planning their wedding? That’s like binge-watching “Friends” 40 times. But since each one of us has an ideal wedding day extravaganza planned in our heads, we can’t help but spend hours planning things out. We simply want that one day to be just PERFECT!

What kind of wedding theme would you like? Something that looks great in photos, evokes strong emotions, or has symbolic significance? With the right floral arrangements, you can make your wedding day as magical as your love story.

Flowers have been used for wedding decorations for thousands of years. During the ancient Roman and Greek times, herbs and spices used to be mixed with flowers to keep spirits and bad luck away from the bride and groom. Later, during the Victorian era, flowers were used to be sent as gifts to the couple as a symbol of love. It was that time when flowers began to hold a meaning in weddings. Flowers continue to evoke feelings of love and romance, hope and beginnings, joy and celebration in modern weddings as well. With their pretty colors and sweet scents, flowers fill the air with happiness and refresh the room like a gentle air.

What are the Symbolism and Meaning behind Wedding Flowers?

Every culture has its unique traditions that they follow at weddings. From exchanging rings to vows, each element of a wedding holds unique significance. Every wedding ritual has a meaning.  In European culture, the bridesmaid tosses a bouquet into the crowd, and the person who catches the bouquet is the one who will be married next. Just like other customs, wedding flowers symbolize something too.

1. Peony


Peony flowers are one of the best and foremost choices for soon-to-be-married couples. Not only is it considered auspicious but it is also a symbol of good luck, romance, empathy, and a long happy married life. Though peony comes in many colors, pink peony attracts romantic relationships and is considered lucky, especially for people who are in search of love.

2. Ranunculus


Ranunculus are also called butter cups that come in an array of colors including, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. You can find these flowers during late spring or early summer. These flowers symbolize new beginnings, growth, blessing of fertility and bring wealth to the couple. Since buttercups come in different vibrant colors it makes the wedding decor a hundred times more pretty.

3. Hydrangeas


Image Source –  Pixabay via Pexels

Once upon a time, there was a Japanese emperor who was so overburdened by his responsibilities that he abandoned his true love. To ask forgiveness from the woman and her family he drizzled them with Hydrangeas flowers.

Since then Hydrangeas have been considered a symbol of forgiveness, gratitude, love, and acceptance. These flowers come in green, pink, and blue colors that symbolize growth, happiness, and trust respectively.

4. Calla Lily

Calla Lily

Image Source –  Oleksandra Zelena via Pexels

There is a story behind this flower told by Greek legends. Hera is the goddess of women and childbirth. Hera’s husband Zeus had an affair with another woman which made her soul filled with rage. As her tears fell on the ground it got transformed into white calla lily. This is why the calla lily symbolizes the purity and resilience of love suffering through hardships. It also symbolizes innocence and devotion to love. 

5. Baby’s breath

Baby’s breath flower

Baby’s breath is one of the most preferred flowers in floral wedding settings. They are covered with tiny flowers on one plant in large quantities.  For this reason, it is also referred to as “millions stars”. Baby’s breath symbolizes innocence, humility, everlasting love, and devotion.  It is also believed that these flowers bring good luck to new mothers. You should definitely add these flowers to your wedding decor.

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How to choose the perfect flowers for your wedding?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to selecting flowers. Here are some helpful tips to make the process easier for the bride and groom.

1. Season and Location

Season and location are the most crucial parameters to consider when choosing the perfect wedding flowers. Flowers are at the peak of their beauty during their blooming season and they are readily available in the local markets. This way you can choose the best flowers while also saving your time. Below you will find the list of flowers you should choose according to the season.

  • Spring: Peony, Tulips, Ranunculus, Lilacs
  • Summer: Sunflowers, Calla Lily, Dahlias, Garden Roses, Zinnias
  • Autumn: Mums, Aster, Berries, Sunflowers, Dahlias
  • Winter: Amaryllis, Poinsettias, Jasmine, Hellebores

2. Hire a professional Florist

Nobody knows better about flowers than a florist. Hiring a professional florist will help you develop a better understanding of what kind of flowers would be ideal for your wedding. They will not only help you pick the best flower but will also arrange it in a way that seems appealing.

3. Add a personal touch

A professional wedding Florist along with a tint of personalization can change the game. Incorporate your favorite flowers into the wedding theme. You can add those flowers that hold a special meaning for you and your partner.
Apart from just adding flowers to your wedding theme, you can also add locally sourced fruits and herbs to your arrangements. You can choose rosemary sprigs, vibrant cranberries, starfruit, and more.

Since it’s your day, let your creativity flow and see how the wedding decor turns out!

Practical Tips for Stunning Flower Arrangements

Once you are done hiring a professional florist and purchasing the perfect flowers for your wedding, it is time to arrange them stunningly. So, here are some practical floral arrangement tips that will leave the guests in awe!

1. Play with textures and heights 

Play with textures and heights

  • Create a focus point by designing a bouquet or some other centerpiece that grabs the attention of the guests. The flower that you use shouldn’t just sit in the container but should overflow. Try to go for long-stemmed flowers like Calla Lily and Orchids to achieve this arrangement.
  • Skip the boring vase and go for something unique like hanging a jar filled with colorful flowers. You can use a vintage basket overflowing with flowers that gives a rural touch to the decor.
  • You can also try an arrangement consisting of big and soft flowers like peonies along with some tiny or detailed wildflowers. Then mix them up with some green leaves like ferns for a unique look.

2. Use the magic of colors

Use the magic of colors

  • Choose any bold color that you like. It can be yellow, blue, red, anything!  Once you are done deciding the color, put different flowers in that shade and texture together. The outcome will surprise you.
  • You can create a rainbow with colorful flowers. Just pick up a vase and fill it up with flowers ranging from a shade of light to dark. A combination of lavender tulips and dark purple orchids would be the best choice.

In this type of arrangement, you just have to play with colors.

3. Think beyond the bouquet   

Think beyond the bouquet

  • Apart from just experimenting with your wedding decor with flowers and bouquets, you can also think about creating flower gateways. Transform the entrance into a beautiful arch overflowing with flowers. Use leafy greens, hanging garlands, and flowing garlands to execute this decor.
  • You can also go for the theme of the hanging gardens. Wherever the wedding ceremony is going to take place, create a ceiling of flowers that your guests can admire from below.

These were some DIY tips for giving your wedding decor a dreamy outlook. After all, your wedding day is all about celebrating your love, and what better way to do that than with beautiful flowers? Let every flower, every bud, and every fragrance speak the tale of your true love and lifelong companionship.

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