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Thinking of Hosting a Sustainable Wedding? Even Small Choices Can Have a Big Impact.

Weddings and commitment ceremonies and the celebrations that follow can be, and represent, many things to the people organizing and attending these milestone events. But can they be sustainable? 

Celebrating a wedding with the environment in mind doesn’t have to be complicated – even small choices can leave a big impact. For those who have prioritized sustainability for their nuptials, consider these five things:

1. Location, Location, Location

The location of your wedding may have some of the greatest impact on the sustainability of your big day.

Where you get married – and choosing between a location near most guests versus a destination wedding that requires air travel (think huge carbon footprint) – could be a sustainability smasher. 

2. Transportation

Even if your wedding is local – and doesn’t require guests to fly to the destination – transportation to and from the venue(s) is one of the greatest emissions contributors for a wedding. Consider the prospect of shuttling guests in coach-style buses or encourage carpooling (with suggested meet up spots). 

3. Venue Selection

Venue selection is another crucial element if sustainability is a priority. Find a venue that is near most guests attending the wedding. Choose a place that can host both the ceremony and the celebration afterward to reduce the emissions from transportation.

Ideally, select a venue so naturally, breathtakingly beautiful that it doesn’t require the use of many consumables to “dress it up.” And, work with a venue that offers rented tableware, flatware, and linens, instead of using disposable items. 

4. Plan Early

Plan early for a sustainable ceremony and celebration – especially in this strange post-COVID-19 world we live in. Consumables of all kinds – items that you would use and likely throw away after the wedding was over – are all experiencing supply chain issues that nobody expected or prepared for.

For those trying to source consumable items that are also sustainable – like décor, tableware/flatware, even specific food selections – finding these niche products may be even more difficult if the timing is tight.

5. Surround Yourself with Supporters

Lastly, surround yourself with supporters. Whether you’re planning this alongside close relatives, friends, wedding party members, or a professional – they need to support you and your vision for a sustainable wedding event. 

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