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How to Host a Safe and Productive Off-site: 3 Corporate Event Best Practices during COVID-19

As a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the world as we know it has been turned upside down. Corporations have had to significantly adjust their operations, requiring employees to work from home and conduct business via Zoom or other online platforms. Vital face-to-face interactions between co-workers are a luxury of the past (at least for now). While corporate culture is hard to quantify, creating and maintaining your culture is critical to any successful company. 

Today, however, team building during COVID-19 can be complicated and stressful. So, to help you host a safe and productive off-site corporate event for your employees, here are three best practices to follow.   

1) Define Your Event Goals

Whether it be a corporate team-building experience, an educational workshop, a board or executive meeting, or other business meetings, safety and security should be top of mind. 

Have a thorough understanding of the goals for the event and make plans accordingly. Develop a controlled agenda to minimize downtime, including the development of ideas for fun activities, if applicable.  

2) Select the Right Venue

Choosing the right location is of the utmost importance. A venue with ample outdoor space is ideal for maintaining social distancing and putting team members at minimal risk of exposure. Team building activities such as games are preferably conducted in an outdoor venue. 

Simple, non-contact sports are a good option. If your event includes presentations, be sure to verify that the venue has the necessary audio-visual equipment that can be safely utilized outdoors.  

3) Confirm and Communicate Safety Protocols

Ensure that any venue chosen has coronavirus protocols in place, including enhanced cleaning and disinfection measures, modified layouts with physical barriers and guides to ensure social distancing, food service modifications, and sufficient hygiene requirements including masks and hand sanitation. Work with the event manager and communicate these requirements and modifications with team members that will be in attendance.  

Don’t let the uncertainty and uneasiness of our current environment hurt your company culture. Bring teammates back together for a fun-filled event at a safe location, ensuring that the venue offers outdoor space, proper hygiene protocols, and options for dining and equipment that fit the overall goals of the gathering. By following these three best practices, your next corporate retreat or off-site event can be executed safely and productively.

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